Get in shape in Santa Monica Tennis Academy and have fun!!!

  • Over 25 years of experience in teaching tennis
  • We coach adults, juniors and seniors
  • Our tennis classes are from beginner to professional level
  • Customized tennis lessons to fit individual needs
  • Training in fitness, agility and explosive power

Tennis is easy to learn and is great exercise for any age group. Santa Monica Tennis Academy provides customized classes based on each student’s situation and need. We teach fundamental form and tennis skills, and help players refine technique at their own learning pace. We educate clients about how to develop a healthy lifestyle and elevate their fitness level. For current club or tournament players, we take you to the next level.

For juniors, playing tennis puts them on the right track while growing up. It builds confidence and keeps them strong. Playing tennis keeps young people active and even helps them develop social skills. We have worked with many top-level junior players. With the right training, we have given them the opportunity to play at the college level.

For seniors, staying active prevents illness and injury and keeps them in good health. Playing tennis gets seniors involved in the tennis community, and helps them meet new people and make new friends.

You do not need to start off in great shape to pick up tennis as a sport and activity. Our tennis coaches will get you there!

It is never too late to learn tennis. Join Santa Monica Tennis Academy today!

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